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Project Description

AudioWordsDownloader is a free portable download helper for words pronunciation audio (sound) files, stored from on-line dictionaries to local machiene.


This is a small utility aimed to help downloading pronunciation sound files from on-line dictionary.
This is for those learning foreign languages or in need for original pronunciations of any language.
Currently built-in language is English.


Program is designed as a standalone application and as such does not requires installation. Packages contains two files: an executable - dict.exe, and a standard configuration file - dict.exe.config - where some settings are stored in. Just unpack in a folder of your choice and run dict.exe.
Currently the site is fixed to Macmillan dictionary at {url:]


Microsoft .NET Framewok 4.5. If there is not one installed you will be ask to download and install it. If you prefer to do it manually direct your browser to Microsoft .NET Framewok 4.5

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